Executive and Creative Director

About Mengtong Guan

Mengtong Guan was born in Beijing and received her Bachelor's degrees in English and Fine Arts from Peking University. She was a regular contributor to Beijing’s National Center for the Performing Arts magazine from 2009 to 2012, concert master of Peking University Symphony Orchestra, and music instructor for “Dean D’art” that works with underserved children in Beijing suburbs to build their self-confidence through theater and music.

Mengtong has a MA in Arts Administration from Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She interned in New York at Lincoln Center Festival was hired as Assistant Company Manager. Additional experience includes work with Edward Auer Music (Jacobs School of Music, IU), Bloomington Symphony Orchestra Indiana as first violinist and board member, conference volunteer for APAP NYC and volunteer for dance company Abraham in Motion.

In 2014 Mengtong was hired as Production Assistant for the China portion of Mark Morris Dance Group’s “Excursions” world tour, and has since then been a full time staff with Ping Pong Productions in China and USA. Mengtong participated Atelier for Young Festival Managers by European Festival Association in Gwangju 2015, and is an Emerging Leaders of New York Arts Fellow for 2016-17.