Education Programs

Education Outreach

Ping Pong Productions brings American and other international artists to universities, schools, and community centers located in more than 24 cities across China for workshops, discussions, performances, and other in-depth engagement. Our programs increase exposure to international arts and culture for China’s younger generations and future leaders. We partner with elite academic and cultural institutions, as well as community centers for underprivileged children and schools for children of migrant workers.

Artists including Alexander Bernstein, son of legendary composer Leonard Bernstein, Hall of Fame musician Cynthia Sayer, and American modern dance icon Mark Morris act as cultural ambassadors to deepen mutual understanding. PPP’s programs are often the first time Chinese students ever meet someone from another country, and the first time the international artists have an opportunity to interact directly with China’s youth, in cities as diverse as Guiyang and Shantou.

In 2016, PPP launched its partner program in the U.S., bringing Chinese artists into schools and using arts and culture as tools to empower young Americans in global competencies and cross-cultural communication skills. For students who do not yet have an opportunity to visit China, Ping Pong brings China to you!

Gallery Partnerships

Ping Pong also partners with the education and community outreach departments of art galleries in Beijing, Hangzhou, and other cities. Galleries invite Ping Pong to curate performance series and festivals that highlight and explore the gallery’s art exhibitions. We bring local and international dance, theater, music, film, and storytelling for free and low-cost community events, encouraging even more people diverse populations of all ages and backgrounds to come into the gallery spaces and engage with art across genres.

Education Programs