American Cultural Center Tours (ACCT) Program

    American Cultural Center Tours (ACCT) Program

    The programs left so many good friends and good feelings here. We all feel very fortunate to experience pieces of American culture that are rare in China. The ACCT visits have inspired a great deal of discussion, raised many questions, and led to further inquiry by students - as I had very much hoped it would.

    Jenny Tarlin, Director of the American Cultural Center at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

    Thanks to the ACCT program for creating environments where this kind of intimate discussion of life and creativity can unfold.

    Abigail Washburn, Grammy-winning banjo musician and TED Fellow

    About American Cultural Centers and the ACCT Program

    According to the Embassy, "The University Partnership / American Culture Centers program is a network of programs and dedicated American centers through existing partnerships between U.S. institutions and their Chinese partners.

    Each center is dedicated to promoting greater understanding of the United States among Chinese students and the public through access to materials, and through cultural and academic outreach. These centers strive to represent the depth and breadth of U.S. culture, values, polices and history. 12 American Culture Centers have been established since 2010, and seven more will be announced this fall."

    Sep, 25, 2012, Beijing, The People’s Republic of China: The United States Embassy in Beijing announces The American Cultural Center Tours (ACCT) Program, a new initiative to bring American performing artists to tour 12 American Cultural Centers based in universities across China. These performers will serve as cultural ambassadors to foster a more diverse and nuanced understanding of American culture. The first group of ACCT Program artists will tour China during the 2012-2013 academic year.

    The United States Embassy in Beijing has awarded a grant to Ping Pong Productions, a Beijing-based cultural exchange organization, to manage and facilitate the ACCT Program.

    Ping Pong Productions has already secured Navajo singers and dancers, bluegrass musicians, an American theater review, and an ensemble of legendary jazz musicians and tap dancers to serve as the first ACCT Program artistic ambassadors, and will ensure that each of the 12 American Cultural Centers hosts at least one ACCT Program event in the current academic year.

    These and other artists will not only perform, but also strive to facilitate active cultural exchange through workshops, group discussions, and unique regional programs designed by the host centers.

    The United States Embassy in Beijing and Ping Pong Productions are proud to announce the ACCT Program, and anticipate that the program will provide new opportunities for meaningful cultural exchange.

    2012-13 Academic Year Programs Included:

    • Project 1: Jit Dance with Haleem Rasul aka "Stringz" and the Hinterlands Theater Ensemble from Detroit, Michigan

    • Project 2: Chinle Valley Singers of Arizona and New Mexico

      View this video of the Chinle Valley Singers visit to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

    • Project 3: Abigail Washburn and Wu Fei

    • Project 4: Burnett Thompson jazz piano and Ren Jie Chinese erhu

    • Project 5: College of Lake County Chorus China Tour


    • Project 7: "Melodic America" - Carla Dirlikov (mezzo-soprano) and Justin Snyder (piano)

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