France’s Centre Chorégraphique National de Tours 2015 Premiere China Tour

    France’s Centre Chorégraphique National de Tours 2015 Premiere China Tour

    A proud, decided dance; a dance that doesn’t scorn its pleasure

    Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde (France)

    A voyage in its own right, this Lied Ballet is also an inn-stop on the journey of a choreographer who’s forever gaining in depth. Lebrun brings us, once again, proof that dance still has so much to tell.

    Marie-Valentine Chaudon, La Croix

    About the Artists

    Artistic Director Thomas Lebrun and CCNT

    Thomas Lebrun began directing the CCNT in January 2012. His artistic leadership is characterized by his desire to promote dance in all its nuances and diversities.

    Established in April 1989, The Centre Chorégraphique National de Tours is part of the network of 19 National Choreographic Centres in France (CCN) created in 1984. CCNT is a place of creation, research and training focused on contemporary dance. The Centre’s programming includes residencies, professional training, support to amateur dancers, and awareness-raising advocacy and activities for the art of dance. It presents works of emerging and renowned choreographers to the public in a spirit of artistic discovery.

    Tour Schedule

      Chorégraphique National de Tours (CCNT) Premiere China Tour: Kunming, Liuzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen.

    • June 23: Kunming Theater - LIED BALLET
    • June 25: Liuzhou Culture and Arts Center - LIED BALLET
    • July 3 & 4: Guangzhou Opera House - TEL QUEL!
    • July 7: Shenzhen Nanshan Entertainment and Sports Center - TEL QUEL!
    • And education outreach activities in Kunming and Guangzhou!

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