Polyglot Theatre China Workshops Tour
Find your creativity in “Draw it Out!” and “Paper and Tape”

    Polyglot Theatre China Workshops Tour
    Find your creativity in “Draw it Out!” and “Paper and Tape”

    2018 Polyglot Theatre China Tour

    From August 25th to September 1st, two experienced Australian artists, Mischa Long and Stefanie Robinson, from the Polyglot Theatre will tour China, bringing Polyglot’s renowned workshops to Beijing, Chengdu, and Chongqing. Having successfully brought the interactive play “Paper Planet” to Suzhou and Huzhou in 2017, this summer Polyglot Theatre will present two workshop series “Draw it Out!” and “Paper and Tape” to up to 300 kids, among them some kids with autism or Down’s Syndrome. In Polyglot Workshops, all of kids will enjoy freedom of expression and burst of creativity!

    About “Draw it Out!”

    “Draw it Out!” is a conceptual drawing workshop, linking visual art and students’ creative confidence. This workshop offers students a freedom of expression that allows everyone to genuinely contribute and collaborate.

    About “Paper and Tape”

    “Paper and Tape” is a puppetry workshop that uses simple materials to let students explore theatrical narratives and imaginative play. Students work together to design and build landscapes and to share their stories with the class.

    About the Artists

    Stefanie Robinson is a multi-modal artist practicing in installation, visual arts, dance, theatre making, puppetry, and community arts. She completed the John Bolton Theatre School in 1996 and the Postgraduate Diploma – Animateuring, in the Dance School at the Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne, in 2004.

    Stefanie regularly works as an artist and community facilitator with the internationally renowned company Polyglot Theatre and has directed large-scale community events, installations and parades both nationally and internationally, including the Opening of the Woodford Folk Festival (2013/14), the Taranaki International Arts Festival (2007), and Cocoon (2009) at the Latrobe Valley Regional Art Gallery.

    Stefanie’s work is shaped by found materials: allowing the stories that want to be told, unfold. Her goal is to continue to explore creative ways to connect with, express, and explore the community, environment and landscape that she lives in.

    Mischa Long started working with Polyglot in 1996 on a traineeship, creating sets and props for productions before training as a puppeteer with the company. After several years of touring to schools, he moved to the United Kingdom where he worked in commercial set construction, developing the skills he would bring back to the company in 2002.

    Working with Sue Giles and the roster of amazing artists that comprise the Polyglot team, Mischa has helped to develop the design and installation of shows such as We Built This City, Sticky Maze and Paper Planet. He has created the entrances and layouts of these shows in places as diverse as Korea, the United States of America, China and Europe. These often involve collaborations with local artists and performers, and one of the great joys of the job is meeting and working with people and children the world over.

    Mischa is also a qualified teacher, working in the Special Developmental field, and this has led to him co-creating inclusive works in schools and presenting workshops to other professionals about the scope and possibilities of such work.

    About Polyglot Theatre

    Polyglot Theatre is Australia’s leading creator of interactive and participatory theatre for children and families. Polyglot’s distinctive artistic philosophy has placed it at the international forefront of contemporary arts experiences for babies and children up to 12 years, meeting with professional acclaim and recognition around the world. Inspired by the artwork, play and ideas of children, Polyglot creates imagined worlds where audiences actively participate in performance through touch, play and encounter.

    In 1978 Polyglot was formed to promote understanding between cultures, bringing multi-language performance to theatres and schools for the children of Victoria, Australia. Since 2000 the company has greatly expanded its focus. Driven by a desire to reach a broader audience, Polyglot now creates performance and events for the street and festivals, interactive events for families, large scale theatre performances and community participation performance, as well as remaining loyal to schools through shows and workshops.

    Polyglot places children at the heart of its art. Its vision is of a future where children are powerful: artistically, socially and culturally. It is committed to offering transformational, playful arts experiences that are alive and human in their content and connection, knowing that in this, it offers something that is vital for children everywhere. Through experimentation, invention and consistent quality, Polyglot keeps their growing audience excited about what may lie ahead.

    Polyglot Theatre official website: http://polyglot.org.au/

    Tour Schedule

    Aug.26 Chongqing Library

    Aug.28 Qi'en International School of Fine Arts

    Aug.28 Chengdu Xicun Courtyard Tuhov Bookstore (integrated workshop)

    Aug.30-31 Shuinichang Elementary School in Beijing (most children are from migrated workers families.)

    Polyglot’s tour to China is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.