TAO Dance Theater “Weight x 3” Premiere 2009

    TAO Dance Theater “Weight x 3” Premiere 2009

    Choreographer's Remarks

    This night of works is composed of three pieces, each of a slightly different form but all of a related style, choreographed over the course of a year. Rather than view this as a performance made up of three pieces, instead we hope the audience will see it as a reflection of our company’s experience this year. When we share our experience with the audience, each audience member will then have their own feelings about what they see, and this in turn will create a new story, one that brings the performance and the audience’s experience together, and thereby creates new meaning.

    No specific words can express the meaning of tonight’s performance. Rather, these pieces are permeated with our conceptions of “body” and physical practice. So what your eyes perceive is exactly what our hearts hope to express.

    --Tao Ye
    Beijing, 2009


    • Saturday, Sept. 5 & Monday, Sept. 7, 2009
      Oriental Pioneer Theater

      Beijing CHINA

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