Announcing New Dancer in Gu Jiani’s Company!

    Announcing New Dancer in Gu Jiani’s Company!

    About the Artist

    Wang Xuanqi

    Wang Xuanqi is a professional modern dancer based in Beijing, China.

    A graduate of the Liaoning Normal University, she was a dancer in the Beijing Modern Dance Company (BMDC) from June 2012 to 2015. At BMDC, she performed and toured in such works as Oath: Midnight Rain and October: Rite of Spring by BMDC Artistic Director Gao Yanjinzi; Weeds, Tong Hao, and Pavilion by BMDC Associate Artistic Director and Choreographer Gong Zhonghui; Night Shift by independent Chinese theatre artist Liu Zheng; Following Huang Gong Wang, Visiting Fu Chun Mountain, and Eating Fire choreographed by Chen Si’an, among others.

    In April 2015, she joins Gu Jiani’s dance company.

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